David ElsdonWell, what a wonderful person he was. David was very influential in many of the big changes in my life in our 13 or so years together, both by encouraging me and by being a mirror for me. When I first met David, he was working for me as a consultant on a project to write a computer system to schedule the stowing of containers onto container ships. On subsequent projects I worked for him and so it went on. We spent many hours in pubs and restaurants, talking about how to make our lives work better, and then after a while we decided that one way to make our lives more satisfying was to live together.....

David ElsdonWe spent some years living together in Basingstoke, Hampshire, where David achieved his ambition to be 1st Cornet in the Basingstoke Silver Band, and then I decided that I needed to give up my comfortable well-paid job and nice house to come and live in Budapest. It has always been a source of wonder to me that David was also willing to give up his comfortable well-paid job and nice house to come with me. He used to tell people that I promised him that if he came with me he wouldn't need to work for a living again! And indeed he didn't!

We moved to Budapest in 1998 and spent the next 5 years following our various candle flames, and then in October 2003, David was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. This was successfully operated upon, but the same thing happened again in October 2004, another primary tumour. Once again this was, apparently, successfully operated on but in June 2005 a secondary growth was found and this was inoperable. We married in September of that year and were very pleased that we managed to have one wedding anniversary. Unfortunately the tumour eventually got the better of him, and David died in April 2007.

You can find out what David was interested in by looking at his web page.