My Life's Work

Some time around 1989, I started seeing an acupuncturist. This was just the first step on the interesting, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful journey of discovering Who I Really Am! It's led me through Personal Development, Hypnotherapy, Autogenic Training, Chinese Herbal Medicine and just living. One thing I've discovered is that now I've started on the journey, I can't undo it and go back to how I was before. Mind you, why would I want to? The pain and dissatisfaction of that stage of my life is what moved me on. Some of the methods are more enjoyable than others, some are more like hard work. I've stayed at various Alternative Holiday Camps, read various Books.....

Personal Development
There are many Personal Development courses available, using a number of different techniques to achieve a number of different goals. The course that was most important in my life was the Turning Point which gave me a strong shove towards leading my life rather than having my life lead me.

Hypnotherapy is just one of many kinds of psychotherapy which focusses on taking you inside yourself, often back to things that happened in the past, in order to help you discover both why you are the way you are and how to change yourself. It's also a useful technique for relaxing.

Autogenic Training
Somewhere between Hypnotherapy and Meditation comes Autogenic Training, another useful technique for relaxing and particularly good for dealing with the various kinds of stress we draw to ourselves.

Alternative Holiday Camps
Holiday camps are fun, and allow you to go in as deep or shallow as you feel like going. There are plenty of alternative holiday locations to choose from. A couple I've been to:- Cortijo Romero in Las Alpujarras in Spain Atsitsa on the Greek Island of Skyros

Cortijo RomeroCortijo Romero - Holistic Holidays
This is a beautiful place with different courses running each week. Most people just go for one week, but I went for two consecutive weeks. I thought that since I was going so far, I might as well make the most of it. I didn't regret that decision.

Atsitsa Skyros Holistic Vacations - Atsitsa
They run their courses in two week blocks. During each week you can choose up to 3 different courses in which to take part. I think most people sign up for 3 in their first week, and then realize they're also on holiday and do much less in the second week.